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Rare Vintage Faberge Bracelet

Rare Vintage Faberge Bracelet

"VICTOR MAYER has a proud history. It was founded in 1890 by the designer and engraver Victor Mayer in Pforzheim, the German “City of Gold”. Victor Mayer also made jewellery and egg pendants in the Fabergé style around the year 1900. The pattern books for these designs are still preserved in the company’s archives today. From 1982, Fabergé Cie (the firm founded by Carl Fabergé’s sons in Paris) commissioned VICTOR MAYER to manufacture their collections (which were signed “FABERGÉ Paris”)."

"Victor Mayer represents an important perpetuating link in the Fabergé chain that was broken in the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. VICTOR MAYER kept the old craft traditions going and the techniques deployed by VICTOR MAYER are those applied by Carl Fabergé’s artist craftsmen in the closing years of the 19th century. Exception (and rare) experts such as enamellers and guilloché engravers made it possible to maintain the traditions of Fabergé while simultaneously guaranteeing the incomparable quality of the creations.

In the 100th year of the firm’s existence, VICTOR MAYER earned the distinction of being appointed the sole authorised Fabergé workmaster in 1989 by way of the worldwide exclusive licence."

"Accordingly, during that period, only VICTOR MAYER was permitted to create pieces stamped with the FABERGÉ hallmark. In addition the jewels bear the letters “VM”, indicating the responsibility of VICTOR MAYER in following the Fabergé workmaster’s tradition of signing their creations. Finally each piece was engraved with a unique number and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

VICTOR MAYER’s designs for Fabergé were executed in collaboration with the Archduke Dr. Géza von Habsburg, a Fabergé expert and art history adviser to the then Fabergé Co., New York. His advice and supervision made sure that the contemporary designs were commensurate with Carl Fabergé’s legacy. Replications were strictly avoided. As with the historical Imperial Easter Eggs, VICTOR MAYER also took inspiration from prevailing political and social developments."

 Victor Mayer's Faberge Collections are a rarity and for the collector who appreciates the lost artform and skills, which no longer exist.  

We had the opportunity to represent Victor Mayer Faberge jewelry in our store in Tiburon, Ca and sold the exquisite gold enamelled jewels.

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Gemfields purchased the Faberge name and license and currently produces  jewelry using their gemstones from their privately owned worldwide gem mines.  

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