Ruby is the Birthstone for July

Posted on 30 June 2019

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In 1560 Benvenuto Cellini stated ” the price of ruby was eight times that of diamond.” And today, ruby remains the most expensive gemstone, in sizes over three carats, rivaling the price of diamond. 


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Wearing a ruby was said to preserve the health of the wearer and has been associated with passion of love.

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The word Ruby is closely translated from the Latin word, Ruber, meaning red. An intense red gemstone, ruby is formed from the mineral Corundum.

Derived from the Hindu word ‘kurand or kuruvinda’, corundum is primarily composed of oxygen and chromium molecules producing the red color in rubies. Without trace minerals like chromium, rubies would appear colorless.


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Corundum has the hardness of a nine on the Mohs scale and is found in many colors, including yellow, orange, violet, green and pink, shades of blues and reds and occasionally pure white. Corundum in any other color, other than red, is referred to as sapphire. If corundum is pink, it should not be classified as a ruby, but as a pink sapphire.


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The finest ruby color is strong red fluorescent, like the bright red traffic signal–in olden days called pigeon’s blood.


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