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Iconic Grace Kelly Style


Getty Images

We will see her live again at Cannes Film Festival with the film by Olivier Dahan that opened this year’s edition of the festival.

In her role, another icy beauty, Nicole Kidman. Both have a mother-of-pearl complexion, golden hair and a unique sense of glamour.

Her life story has made the female audience dream, yesterday and today: over 10 films in 6 years, she was the muse of Alfred Kitchcock, as well as the Princess of the Monaco Principality. Today we pay homage to her unique and iconic style, featuring basic details that enhanced her delicately sensuous beauty.   As modern as ever

Fifties’ New Look to define the silhouette. The only rule: never be daring. Refinement and understatement are the key words.



Designer Janet Deleuse 

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