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Paloma Picasso for Tiffany

In 1985, Paloma Picasso posed wearing her large citrine necklace in her New York apartment for Vogue lensman Horst P. Horst. Photo Getty  A Look Back at The Artistry of Paloma Picasso Her bold je...

"How Cocktail Rings Got Their Name"

A statement jewel like no other, read about the fascinating history of cocktail rings, originally a symbol of rebellion and independence.                Statement jewels like no other, it seems fit...

Victor Mayer, the "Official Workmaster of Faberge"

      Victor Mayer's family history in fine jewelry enameling fabrication with Faberge dates back to St. Petersburg, Russia 1895. In 1989 Victor Mayer owned the license with Faberge & Co. as th...

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