Victor Mayer's family history in fine jewelry enameling fabrication with Faberge dates back to St. Petersburg, Russia 1895.


          A rare original Faberge 'cane top' from the early 1800's.

In 1989 Victor Mayer owned the license with Faberge & Co. as the official jewelers of Faberge producing rare processes of fine translucent enameling over engraved gold; guilloche.   Talent and skills incorporated with a few experts in the field from Germany and France where the guilloche technique originated from.

 Victor Mayer celebrated the family's 100 year anniversary in 1990 with the release of the collection "L'esprit de Faberge" from the court jeweler's original work in Russia for the Tzar family.

Today Victor Mayer's Faberge Collections are a rarity and for the collector who appreciates the lost artform and skills, which no longer exist.  

Each Victor Mayer Faberge Jewel was limited in production and has a certificate of authenticity.  

We had the opportunity to represent Victor Mayer Faberge jewelry in our store in Tiburon, Ca and sold the exquisite gold enamelled jewels.

We are offering one of these jewels for sale with the signature wooden box and certificate production 12/100 produced worldwide. 

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Gemfields purchased the Faberge name and license and currently produces jewelry using their gemstones from their privately owned worldwide gem mines.  

Janet and Jeff Deleuse

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Accreditation includes diplomas from the Gemological Institute of America and the American Gem Society and thirty years of experience.

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