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Fall/Winter Styling

Fall/Winter Styling

      Layering gold chains and pendants.  Delicate, chunky or combinations of both, it's all in style.

    Gold chains and pendants short, medium or long.  Make it fun! 


For earrings keep it in a  "Mod retro '60's"   with gold hoops or dangles in a bold, clean motif.


The classic rollover ring, three bands in one ring.  Our favorite!


Watches are the new bracelets...and, it is easier and more subtle to look at the time without searching for your phone.


A chunky gold link bracelet is a must.



A good trend: "Be kind to animals and the earth."  Handbags in faux leather.
      Houndstooth patterned jackets in fall tones.  Pre-owned quality, best value and original designs.



Natural products.  Who needs preservatives absorbing into your body?  Keep it healthy and clean with organics.  

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