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Cleaning Your Jade Jewelry

Cleaning Your Jade Jewelry

The safest way to clean jade is to simply apply a mild, soapy water solution in a tepid temperature (not hot or cold).

Do not use jewelry cleaners purchased for cleaning jewelry because the chemicals are too harsh.  Also, do not use any ammonia or household cleaners.

If your jade is treated the cleaners may dissolve the applied colors.

A soft bristled toothbrush is best for cleaning the crevices within carvings and settings. 

Never steam jade – Do not drop in a jewelry store and ask the sales person to clean your jewelry.  If they use a steamer it can cause problems.  Your jeweler should be a Gemologist and will know the hazards of cleaning jade.

Never use Ultra-Sonic jewelry equipment and cleaning solutions on jade.
It is best to remove your jade before swimming in a chlorine treated pool, the ocean, or soaking in a hot tub.  Don't allow a person to clean your jewelry in a store or a dental office with an ultra-sonic cleaner; do not use home ultra-sonic cleaners.

A warning for gardeners – Always remove your jade rings before working with dirt and soil. The quartz dust in soil is a powerful abrasive as well as any rocks.

If you have questions regarding the care of your jade jewelry please call Jeff Deleuse, 

Graduate Gemologist   415-459-3739

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