Girls In Pearls, The Birthstone for June

Posted on 31 May 2017



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The legends of pearls have been spoken about since antiquity.  In Persian mythology, pearls were treasured as one of the most valuable of all gems, and regarded as “tears of the Gods.”  The Chinese believed that pearls were jewels in the sea and grew by the power of the moonlight.

In ancient Rome, pearls were considered a gift from heaven- rising to the surface of the oceans to catch the morning dew. If the dew was clear, the pearl was white and mucky dew produced shades of brown.

Queen Cleopatra won her battle without any combat.  She seduced the Roman commander, Marc Antony, her opponent, by betting him she will serve “the most expensive meal he’ll ever have.”  Cleopatra dropped one of her valuable pearl earrings in his glass of wine, it dissolved, he drank it and lost his bet.  

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          Janet Deleuse Designer Cultured Pearl Bag

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