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The Jewelry News Network Says..."Timeless Art Deco Jewelry"

     Pink and Yellow Sapphires with Pink Tourmalines & Diamonds

Most design and art movements are relegated to historical discussion and occasional bits of nostalgia. The concepts of the Art Deco era, at least in jewelry, buck this trend and continue to be vibrant and modern.


Art Deco is one of the most iconic visual arts design eras. Known for its bright colors, bold geometric patterns and lavish ornamentation and symmetry, it flourished from approximately the 1920s to 1935 all over the world, appearing on everything from buildings and cars to appliances and interiors.

Examples of Art Deco design in fine jewelry are documented well into the 1950s and beyond. To this day it continues to influence contemporary jewelry design, giving these concepts a timeless quality.
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At the Baselworld and Couture tradeshows this year, as every year, a number of companies were producing contemporary jewelry pieces using Art Deco themes.

    Black Star Sapphires, Rubies & Diamonds Spike Earrings

Art Deco emphasizes sharp geometric forms, such as spheres, polygons, rectangles, trapezoids, zigzags, chevrons and sunburst motifs; and represents, even praises, the machine age of the time.

Large Fancy Cut Amethyst in 18k Yellow Gold & Diamonds

In fine jewelry platinum was the metal of choice, paired primarily with diamonds in pavé or big, bold, architectural shapes. Colored gems ranged from rubies, sapphires and emeralds to black onyx. Jewelry during this period also benefitted from advancements in gem cutting techniques, including the modern round brilliant cut style, which added brilliance to a diamond.

All of these characteristics lead to the timeless appeal of Art Deco jewelry.

Edited by Janet Deleuse with images from Janet Deleuse in place of the Jewelry News Network's images.

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