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Janet Deleuse Designer Turquoise & Pearls Collection

I love turquoise…not just because it’s my birthstone, yep, I’m a Sagittarius. Most of the turquoise mines in the U.S. have been depleted and finding natural turquoise is now next to impossible.

Turquoise is a very soft stone, so soft it’s like compressed powder, and currently most of the turquoise used in jewelry is exactly that…small amounts of turquoise compressed with fillers of clear plastic. Well…I”m a purist when it comes to my designer jewelry….everything I design has the best ingredients.

Which is why I made this collection from a turquoise rock. My genius lapidary cut each piece to exact measurements for me so I could create this gorgeous set. The bracelet is not an antique…although you could pretend it’s one of your jeweled inheritance. There are tiny diamonds on the sides of each link and one in the hidden clasp…you can see it in this image.

The pearls are fine quality Akoya. Each setting is hand-fabricated in 18k gold and every pearl and gems are set by hand.

The earrings have fine South Sea Pearls with the natural turquoise.

The ring is hand-fabricated in 18k gold and has a natural Mabe pearl surrounded by turquoise beads.

Each piece, like everything I create, is one-of-a-kind….my jewelry is my art.

Janet Deleuse


The  turquoise was cut from our large turquoise rock for the bracelet and earrings.  Mabe Pearl Ring with turquoise beads.

The earrings have South Sea Pearls with natural turquoise drops.


Janet Deleuse Designer Jewelry

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