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Platinum is a rare precious metal found primarily in South Africa and Russia.

Not only is it rare, its specific metallic properties are also unique. 

Platinum is very ductile, one-ounce can produce a wire which measures a mile long and it is so pure that when worn it’s completely hypoallergenic. The metallic properties, which make platinum perfect for jewelry use, are high tensile strength and durability—a secure way for setting precious stones.


Platinum’s greyish white luster will never fade and when scratched the metal will not wear away as gold, therefore the jewelry can last forever. Intricate designs can be created from platinum because of the strength and durability as opposed to gold or silver, which have softer metallic properties.


Platinum is 95% pure platinum when it is used for jewelry and will be hallmarked with stamp Pt. 950 within a diamond shaped logo.

For more information regarding precious metals contact

Jeff Deleuse, Graduate Gemologist and Certified Jewelry Appraiser

 Deleuse Jewelers in Fairfax, CA


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