Sotheby's Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite Autumn Sale to take place on 7 October A 50.05-carat DIF Type IIa Diamond estimated at HK$60 – 70 million / US$7.7 – 9 million.

Photo: Sotheby's.

Sotheby’s Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite Autumn Sale 2014 will take place on 7 October at Hall 3, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The upcoming sale will highlight an array of rare and important colourless and coloured diamonds:

including a 8.41-carat Internally Flawless Fancy Vivid Purple-Pink Diamond (Est. HK$100 – 120 million / US$13 – 15.5 million)

and a 50.05-carat DIF Type IIa Diamond estimated at HK$60 – 70 million / US$7.7 – 9 million.

They are complemented by coloured gemstones of exceptional proportions and quality including a 35.72-Carat Step-Cut Colombian Emerald (Est. HK$32 – 36 million / US$4 – 4.6 million),

as well as a suite of jadeite jewellery formerly in the collection of the last Empress of China.

Also highly anticipated is a signed piece - the Ballerina Butterfly Brooch co-designed by Cindy Chao and Sarah Jessica Parker to benefit the New York City Ballet (Est. HK$6 – 7.5 million / US$750,000 – 950,000).

Altogether the sale will offer approximately 340 lots estimated in excess of HK$700 million / US$90 million*. QUEK Chin Yeow, Deputy Chairman of Sotheby’s Asia and Chairman of International Jewellery, Asia said, “This season we are extremely proud to offer a superb 8.41-carat fancy vivid purple-pink diamond of a beautiful hue of pink, great saturation and internally flawless clarity, which is one of the most desirable pink diamonds to come on the market in recent years."

Spectacular and romantic is a heart-shaped DIF diamond weighing over 50 carats, one of several from an exceptional selection of diamonds, coloured gemstones and jadeite, with which the upcoming sale in October promises to be a tremendous acquisition opportunity for jewellery connoisseurs around the world.”

HIGHLIGHTS DIAMONDS Led by an extremely rare and desirable 8.41-Carat Pear-Shaped Internally Flawless Fancy Vivid Purple-Pink Diamond and Diamond Ring, mounted by Sotheby’s Diamonds (Est. HK$100 – 120 million / US$13 – 15.5 million),

Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite sale this season highlights a remarkable range of coloured and colourless diamonds.

Following the 118.28-carat D-Flawless Diamond that sold for a world record price of HK$238.68 million / US$30.6 million in October 2013, Sotheby’s will bring to Hong Kong another highly important diamond, a 50.05- Carat Heart-Shaped D-Colour Internally Flawless Diamond Pendant (Est. HK$60 – 70 million / US$7.7 – 9 million).

Apart from the most desirable colour and clarity grading, this “Romantic Heart” of Type IIa quality also boasts the highest chemical purity virtually free of nitrogen and therefore exceptional optical transparency. Heart-shaped diamonds are notoriously difficult to cut, and to polish, given the cleft.

Beautiful heart- shaped diamonds of over 30 carats are rarely seen in the market and the present example, weighing more than 50 carats and certified to be of Excellent Polish, is undoubtedly a rare collecting opportunity.

Some of the most famous diamonds celebrated as great tokens of love are of heart shape, for obvious reasons. “The Windsor Heart”, the famed 47.14-carat Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Pendant that once belonged to the Duchess of Windsor and subsequently the collection of Estee and Evelyn Lauder has marked its place in history; whereas the “Heart of Eternity”, a 27.64-carat fancy vivid blue diamond is reputedly the most famous heart-shaped diamond in recent years.

Also of imposing proportions is a 100.26-Carat Pear-Shaped Fancy Deep Brown- Orange Diamond Pendant, perfectly paired with a Necklace signed Cartier (Est. HK$19 – 24 million / US$2.4 – 3 million).

Diamonds weighing over 100 carats are extremely rare and this striking golden orange stone is certainly an impressive sight to behold.

Among the rarest and most sought-after of coloured diamonds along with their pink counterparts, blue diamonds owe their natural colouration to the presence of the trace element boron during the stone’s formation.

This 3.32-Carat Emerald-Cut Internally Flawless Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond and Diamond Ring (Est. HK$26 – 34 million / US$3.3 – 4.3 million), certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to be of Fancy Vivid Blue, the highest possible grading for blue diamonds, and Internally Flawless (IF) clarity, extremely rare in coloured diamonds, is certainly a delightful addition to any sophisticated jewellery collection.

The kaleidoscope of coloured diamonds would not be complete without the charming and delightful golden yellow, beautifully represented this season by a Pair of 14.36 and 14.32- Carat Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond and Diamond Earrings (Est. HK$9.5 – 12 million / US$1.2 – 1.55 million). 

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