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Cartier Achievement Award



This award was presented to me at a dinner at the Huntington Hotel in San Francisco from Cartier. I’ll always be honored for their recognition of my work on behalf of Cartier’s history.

Cartier Achievement Award

This individual is passionate about everything she touches with Cartier at the top of her list. A historian, a designer, an entrepreneur, an artist, a world traveler and an espace partner who is truly honored to be associated with the Cartier brand.

She wears many hats and they are all worn with the passion, confidence and finesse which is simply how she lives her life. Every customer who enters her beautifully remodeled store will be assured of an amazing Cartier experience and will probably leave with a watch or at least a scarf or some Cartier accessory. It is impossible to miss her enthusiasm for the brand, for it is contagious.

She recently added French classes to her already busy schedule so that she will be able to share the Cartier history with her customers in French! She will stop at nothing to provide her clients with the most in depth information on Cartier going back to our birth in 1847. She has a lot to share!

Elegant and creative with style and grace –yet feisty and fierce when ensuring the best of the best for her store and customers she is the Bay Area’s version of Cartier’s Jeanne Toussaint, the panther. And, just like Jeanne Toussaint, she would include in her friend base the likes of Coco Channel and more.

Janet Deleuse is our amazing Cartier Achievement Award recipient.

Cartier Joailliers

Paris London New York

June 10, 2009

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