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Take Care of Your Pearls

Take Care of Your Pearls


The ancient Greeks believed that Aphrodite, the goddess of sensuality and beauty, adored the beauty of pearls.  It is written in the Chinese culture that the pearl's soft glow is linked with the moon.

Referred to as the 'gift of the gods'....the pearl is a simple organic secretion from a living oyster.


For more pearl information read....

  • Pearls should be kept seperately in a soft pouch or pearl folder and away from hard surfaces because the nacre on pearls can easily scratch or chip.
  • Do not put pearls in ultrasonic cleaners, cleaning products, or use abrasives or detergents.
  • Use a microfiber or soft cotton to clean surface.
  • Restring cultured pearl strands when the pearl is loose on the string or if there is any fraying of the string.
  • Go to a professional jeweler, GIA Gemologist, for a through cleaning and inspection.



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