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Posted on 29 December 2016

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1. Passing Stronger Greyhound Protection Laws

     In recent years, GREY2K USA has been instrumental in fighting for stronger laws to protect racing greyhounds. In Arizona, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, we successfully passed laws requiring that these states inform the public on the number of greyhounds injured while racing, and report on the ultimate fate of racing dogs. Also in Massachusetts, we helped pass the first state-funded greyhound adoption trust fund in United States history. In Florida and New Hampshire, we passed legislation to restore greyhounds to the protections of anti-cruelty laws and in Kansas supported successful efforts to restore greyhounds to the definition of dogs in the state. Also in Florida, we worked with regulators to pass a new rule that greyhound deaths be reported within eighteen hours.

2. Defeating Attempts to Subsidize Dog Tracks
     GREY2K USA works to defeat attempts to prop up the cruelty of dog racing and has successfully repealed direct subsidies and tax breaks once awarded to dog track owners.

Since 2002, we have helped defeat attempts to subsidize dog races with slot machine profits in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Oregon. Dog track owners in Colorado, Kansas and Oregon decided to close their facilities as a result.

3. Preventing the Global Expansion of Commercial Dog Racing
     As commercial dog tracks continue to close in the United States, industry proponents have sought to bring their cruelty to new countries. GREY2K USA has worked with advocates around the globe to prevent the legalization of dog racing in Jamaica (2009), the Philippines (2009), South Africa (2010) and Punjab, India (2014). We are now focused on preventing dog racing’s attempted expansion to Asian countries.

GREY2K Can only stop dog racing and save beautiful animals with your help.


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