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Posted on 13 May 2016


Dear Friends,

Today I bring you fantastic news about our fight to end dog racing. Arizona has just become the 40th state to make dog racing illegal! Governor Doug Ducey signed our ban on dog racing into law today.

Michael Preston and GREY2K USA president Christine Dorchak

Even better, Tucson Greyhound Park is already winding down and will hold its last race on June 24.

We offer heartfelt congratulations and thanks to our dog-loving lobbyist Michael Preston Green, Tucson Greyhound Park representative Michael Racy and all the grassroots volunteers who have fought so hard to bring the greyhounds to this wonderful day.

We thought it might never happen… but it has. For years, greyhounds have suffered and died at Tucson Greyhound Park, Arizona’s last dog track. It was in 1939 that the Grand Canyon State became one of the first to legalize greyhound racing. Five tracks were built and operated over the years, but only “TGP” remained.

    Tucson Greyhound Park kennel

Things were so bad there. Greyhounds were left to languish inside barren warehouse-style kennels. Many wore muzzles, a kind of double caging. The poor dogs had limited access to water and subsisted on a diet of raw, diseased meat. There were no toys for them and no play. What a terrible life!

Life inside the Tucson Greyhound Park Kennels. Photo by Pima County, 2016
As many as 700 young dogs were kept in stacked metal cages for up to twenty-three hours a day. And when let out to race, these gentle hounds faced the risk of serious injury and many died. Dogs broke their legs, were paralyzed, suffered seizures, heat strokes and more -- just so that someone could place a $2 bet on them...

Thankfully, those days are almost over! The remaining dogs will be placed both locally and with waiting adoption groups far and wide.

This is the happy ending we have been hoping to achieve for the last ten years and I would like to personally thank you for making this victory possible.

Please make a generous gift or become a monthly donor to further this vital work today.

We need to accelerate our campaigns at the 18 remaining tracks of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Iowa and West Virginia, while we continue to lay the groundwork for stopping dog racing worldwide.

You can also buy a campaign t-shirt to support the greyhounds! Every purchase will help spread the word that dog racing must end and every dollar raised will bring our gentle friends one step closer to freedom and family.
Go team!

Christine Carey and Gina Carey Theil 
Carey M. TheilExecutive Director GREY2K USA
Christine A. Dorchak, Esq.,President,GREY2K USA

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  • Christine Dorchak: May 14, 2016

    Thanks for supporting our work every step of the way, Janet! Learn more about GREY2K USA Worldwide at or follow us at

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